An introduction to keyboard shortcuts

Here at Superagent we love the efficiency of using keyboard shortcuts. That's why we also early in the development phase made a core promise: We will never release a feature in Superagent that can't be accessed without a mouse.


  1. Keyboard shortcuts are efficient. Seriously more efficient. We could stop here — but why would we:
  2. Health benefits. Cutting down on mouse usage reduces the risk of RSI (Repetitive Syndrome Injury).
  3. Indispensable for people with mobility or vision disabilities.
  4. As an added bonus we love the geekiness. Keyboard shortcuts brings back the warm and fuzzy feeling of the early days of computing. We just love it.

How to learn?

Muscle memory is your friend. By repeating keyboard shortcuts your muscle memory will learn them normally much faster than you think. To aid to the learning process we have created a Keyboard Onboarding training that you can activate through the command line (CMD+K) and typing "key" (Restart keyboard tutorial).

The most efficient way to remind yourself of a shortcut is by searching for it in command line. All you have to remember is CMD+K (control + k on Windows) and search for it in command line. The associated keyboard shortcut is shown in black on the right.


Here you will find a list of shortcuts in different views around the app. Keep them open in a browser window in the beginning to aid your learning process.