Introduction to Conversation Builder

Conversation builder is one of Superagent's most powerful and time-saving tools. The Conversation Builder (CB) lets you assemble all parts of a conversation with pre-written content (Building Blocks) using just three simple shortcuts.

Initiates the intro database
Initiates the body database
Initiates the outro database

The features of Intro, Body and Outro blocks are exactly the same. They are only a way to more easily organise the different building blocks of a reply.

The Building Blocks are available when you are in Reply mode in a conversation:


This is how it works

If you haven't done it already, please start by adding a few building blocks.

1) Enter a conversation and then enter Reply mode by hitting Enter on your keyboard.

Since all types of building blocks work the same let's use intro (!!) for this example

2) Type


Once you've completed the last of the two exclamation marks you will be presented with a list of suggested building blocks to insert into your reply.


Tip: You can press one of the SHIFT keys on the keybard in order to expand the full contents of the selected building block.

3) If the building block you need doesn't show up as one of the first options you can just start typing. This works as a search for building blocks when you have many of them.


4) In order to insert a building block into your reply, just press Enter


As you can see, a building block can take the customer's name and the agent's name and insert it into the reply automatically.

The concept of the Conversation Builder is the same for all type of building blocks. Now you can continue to build your reply using !!, && and ;;.

In just a few responses you will have trained your muscle memory to use the Conversation Builder and start building your replies more efficiently with building blocks.