Teams let you divide agents (or Users if you want) into different teams. This way you can make it easier to distribute conversations between different teams and limit the number of conversations each agent will have to focus on.

For instance, set up a team if you want to:

  • Keep conversations between different skills or departments seperate
  • Create different skill levels (i.e. Developers, Finance, DevOps, etc...)
  • Let different channels be handled by different teams
  • Have email to a specific email address be handled by a dedicated team

This is how you create a new team

  1. Go to SettingsTeams (G 0 2)
  2. Click New team
  3. Give the team a name and add agents

This is how you edit an existing team

  1. Go to Settings → Teams (G 0 2)
  2. Click the team you would like to edit

Important to know about Teams

  • You can create as many teams as you like
  • Teams without any agents added will not be shown anywhere in the Superagent app (except for the settings page)