Users in Superagent are all users with some level of access to your customer conversations.

Can only see their own activity and conversations. Can change their own personal settings
Manager / Team Lead
Can see everything within their team(s). Can invite new users Can change certain settings for other users
Full access to every aspect of Superagent.

Add new user

  1. Go to Settings → Users (G 0 3)
  2. Click Add new user
  3. Give the user a first and a last name
  4. Enter the email address of the user. This is where we will send the invitation to sign up for Superagent, login emails and any other notification message from the Superagent app. We may also send important operational messages to users.
  5. Give the agent a role. You can read about the different roles above.
  6. Teams: Select which team(s) the user should be part of. This can be one or more teams.
  7. Finally make sure the box for Send email invitation is ticked — otherwise you have to manually let the user know how to register for Superagent and which email address to use.

Edit a user

  1. Go to Settings → Users (G 0 3)
  2. Select the user you would like to edit
  3. You can now edit
    1. First name
    2. Last name
    3. Role
    4. Teams
    5. Please note: You cannot edit the users email address. Please contact us if you need to change a users email address.

Important to know about Users

  • If you choose not to send an email invitation during the creation of a new user, the new user can still sign up but you will have to manually let them know to go to superagent.com and register with the same email address that you used when you added them in Superagent.